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Daylee James 16 ~ Lyric Stage Musical Theatre Dance Scholarship

Daylee James
is 16 and was born in Mount Pleasant, Texas where she still lives today. Her family is a major part of her life, including two older siblings she is extremely proud of. School is also a big part of her life and Daylee tries her best to succeed in all subjects.

Daylee watches "So You Think You Can Dance" every year and draws inspiration from her favorite dancer—
2009 Champion, Jeanine Mason.

God has blessed her with the talent she loves— dance.

My experience of Lyric Stage was something that I could never forget. It taught me so much about music and acting. I had always wanted to participate in a musical, but where I am from that can't happen. I would like to thank you for the scholarship and giving me the opportunity to have the time of my life. I would recommend my scholarship to other dancers because it's an experience one could never forget. When I was at Lyric Stage I took in all the help that they gave me and put it into my part as "Charlotte." I would definitely try out for this scholarship again!

~ Daylee