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Summer Intensive Auditions

National Summer Intensive Audition Tour -
Cincinnatti Ballet -
Joffrey Ballet -
Texas Ballet Theater
Pennsylvania Ballet
Louisville Ballet
Oklahoma City Ballet
Ballet Met
Kansas City Ballet
Charlotte Ballet
Milwaukee Ballet
Sacramento Ballet
Sarasota Ballet
Colorado Ballet

Virtual Auditions:
Houston Ballet -
American Ballet Theater -
Ballet Austin -
Ballet Austin Digital -

National Auditions

2020 Call for Journal Submissions to include Covid-19 themes. Submissions are due by January 28, 2021.
Manuscript submissions are currently being accepted for the 2021 National Dance Society Journal, a national peer-reviewed scholarly publication, which is currently indexed in EBSCO and Cengage, Inc., two of the major search engines.
The National Dance Society Journal (NDSJ) publishes original reports of empirical studies, literature reviews, theoretical articles, applied research, methodological articles, case studies, historical research, and invited targeted articles. Articles should align with the NDS Mission Statement. (See below)
Preference will be offered to quality 2021 manuscripts focused on Approaches and Impact in the Time of Covid-19, within the framework of the national dance standards: foundations; health/wellness; creative and artistic communication; performance and production; historical cultural and social; and arts and media literacy.
Suggested topic ideas:
•    How is Covid-19 impacting the dance community, i.e., a) education, b) performances,
c) social dances, d) health, and/or d) livelihood of dancers and/or instructors?
•    How is the dance community impacting (or impacted by) physical, social, or emotional aspects of a population in the time of Covid-19?
•    How can dance help recovery of Covid-19 positive patients?
Current and emerging professionals are encouraged to submit papers for publications. Mentoring assistance will be provided as needed.
Please visit (publications, NDS journal) for a link to the Author Guidelines; information about the Manuscript Review Process; and to access past journals. For additional information, contact the journal editor-in-chief Dr. Lynne Edmondson at