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Kavitha Rajagopal 17 ~ Arathi School of Dance Scholarship

Kavitha Rajagopal first began learning Bharathanatyam, an Indian classical dance form, at the age of four, under the tutelage of Guru Smt. Madhusri Sethuraman. She performed her arangetram (a three hour dance solo debut) this past September and has also worked on numerous productions hosted by Srutilaya School of Dance. Over the last ten years, she has grown to become very passionate about dance and Kavitha hopes to continue to improve.


I had an extraordinary time participating in Ms. Vasundhara Doraswamy’s YogAnubhava workshop. Her meticulous instruction and mental focus helped me refine my technique as a dancer. It was an incredibly fulfilling experience.

Vasundhara Aunty forced me to push myself beyond my comfort zone to “Experience Yoga through Dance.” Her unique perspective on Bharatanatyam opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities in dance. I enjoyed her interpretation of Bharatanatyam, and her innovative choreography was refreshing.

The rigorous pace of the workshop was challenging and exciting. Vasundhara Aunty placed specific emphasis on our breathing patterns while we danced so that we could maximize our energy; furthermore, we had intensive stretches at the beginning of each class to relax our muscles and improve our stamina. Her choreography was not only original, but she also urged us to take on difficult steps requiring extra flexibility to test ourselves.

Within a week, she was able to prepare us to give a performance, only a small testament to what a constructive and dynamic teacher she is. I look forward to employing the techniques she has taught me in my regular practice. Vasundhara Aunty’s dedication and zeal for dance is inspiring and motivates me to pursue dance even further. She is an excellent role model and I am fortunate to have been able to take instruction under her.

Thank you to my Guru, Madhusri Sethuraman for being the most patient, encouraging teacher and for recommending me for this scholarship. DCNT, Ms. Revathi Satyu and Ms. Suma Kulkarni, thank you all for being so supportive and giving me such a wonderful opportunity.

~ Kavitha