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Nicole Rusli 16 ~ Glenda Brown Scholarship

Ever since Nicole Rusli can remember, she has always wanted to dance. For the last three years, she has been studying at Academy of Dance Arts (ADA) and is a member of ADA’s senior company and Dallas Repertoire Ballet Company (DRB). She is trained in Royal Academy of Dance (RAD),Cecchetti, jazz, contemporary, modern, tap, hip-hop and African dance.


Although, Nicole enjoys performing in The Nutcracker every year, her true love is modern and contemporary dance. She has always been very creative and believes modern and contemporary bring out her creativity and allow her to express herself in many unique ways.


Nicole's passion is dance, but she has also been playing the violin for over 11 years and training as a singer for 2 years. She is very involved in various school organizations that focus on environmental and philanthropic issues.


Nicole hopes to pursue her passion in college and learn many more styles of dance. Later in life, she wants to be a part of a contemporary or modern company. To be able to dance for a living would be her greatest and proudest accomplishment.


Learning from the amazing teachers at Glenda Brown will be an experience I will never forget. The small group of people that joined the program got personal corrections from the teachers. This program helped me find artistry in my dancing, and drastically improved my skills as a dancer and as a choreographer. I also learned many other styles of dancing through the teacher's personal experiences. I learned the history of modern dance and researched many dancers that influenced my dance style, such as Twila Tharp. During this amazing program, I learned to pick up choreography fast and became comfortable with performing. Even though the schedule was very rigorous and challenging, I found that this intensive changed me as a dancer forever. I cannot thank the Dance Council enough for giving me this amazing opportunity to grow as a dancer, and meet some amazing people in an artistic dance environment.

~ Nicole