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Courtney Forbes 15 ~ Texie Waterman Memorial Scholarship

Courtney Forbes started dancing when she was three and currently dances at Wasatch Dance Center in Hebert City, UT— a studio with a strong ballet emphasis. She also trains in many forms of dance from tap to hip hop to contemporary. She enjoys learning from new choreographers and new styles. Courtney has been fortunate to work with many professional productions in Utah with Ballet West and Odyssey Dance Theater, as well as performing with the national tour of Radio City Christmas Spectacular for two years.

In the next few
years, Courtney plans to attend college and would like to join a contemporary or ballet company, although she would be happy dancing anywhere. She would love to tour with Radio City Christmas Spectacular again if she had the chance.

This summer I was given the opportunity to attend the LINES Ballet Summer Program in San Francisco.  I love the style and the quality of movement that the LINES Ballet Company has, and it was such an amazing experience to get to work with current and former members of the company. 

My main goals at the beginning of the intensive were to keep an open mind, be willing to try new things and to just go for it, and to apply what I was learning to my own dance.  The environment in the studios made the first two goals fairly easy.  I really felt like all of the teachers really wanted to help us improve, and that they truly wanted to see us grow.  All of the other dancers in the program were also extremely supportive, and I felt like I really could let go and try new things without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed.  My goal to apply what I learned was a little more difficult, because there was so much to learn! I felt like I learned a million new things in every single class!  I tried writing most of them in a notebook, so I have a new goal to try and apply them now that I am back in my own studio. 

I know that this program will have a great effect on my future in dance.  I learned so much that I will never forget, and I hope that I can continue to explore and build upon all of these on my own.  All of the teachers in the program were inspirational and motivational.  They all had so much knowledge that they were willing to share, and they all challenged us to work hard and do our best.  If I had to pick one teacher in particular, I would have to say that Alonzo King was the most challenging and motivational.  His classes were really challenging, but at the same time, he gave me the drive to try my hardest.  I think that the biggest surprise of the experience was learning more about myself as a dancer.  We did a lot of exploration and experimentation, and I was able to really feel free in my dancing, and I know that that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I am so grateful that I was able to attend this program; it truly was amazing!

~ Courtney Forbes