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Cassidy Pinkston 16 ~ Darryl Sneed Memorial Scholarship

Cassidy Pinkston is a junior attending Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas, TX. She also attends the Magnolia Dance Project and is a member of the performance company. During the past thirteen years she has participated in many competitions and conventions such as: Odyssey, Starbound, Showstopper, StageOne, Primetime, The Pulse convention and Tremaine Dance convention.

Cassidy would like to broaden her dance experience as much as possible by learning new styles, terminology and work with many choreographers. Her future goals include attending a college that will help her elevate dance skills, as well as learning business skills to be used in future endeavors. After college, she would like to become a professional dancer, possibly on Broadway, or open her own studio. Cassidy's goals change everyday based on new experiences.

I attended the Dallas Black Summer Dance Intensive this summer for a week. During that time, I was introduced to a new style of modern dance and experienced a new way of expressing myself as a dancer. I started classes at twelve o’clock and ended around ten thirty at night, and I loved every minute of it. I had the opportunity to take modern dance with Dudley Williams, African dance with Dr. Charles “Chuck” Davis, and jazz dance with Jamal Story. Mr. Williams is one of the funniest men I have ever met. He has these sayings like, “hot dog, suffer, and sugar honey iced tea,” that he would say during class that would make the class both educational and enjoyable at the same time. Mr. Davis is funny and loving at the same time. One of the things I learned about him over the week was that he wants to make sure as dancers we learn a new language of dance but we also know the background from where it came from. Last but not least, Mr. Story. Jamal started off his classes with sit-ups, which got you focused and connected to your core from the very beginning. Everyday he would change up the style of jazz that we would do from the jitterbug to Broadway, which made me look forward to each day and wonder what style we would be tackling next. I also met new people who had a passion for dance and being one of the younger dancers attending this intensive, I received advice from the other girls about college and performing along the way. Overall I couldn’t have asked for a more productive, educational, and fun place to spend one of my weeks during the summer.

Thank you again,
~ Cassidy Pinkston