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HANNAH SCHOENDORF 14  Fred Kelly Scholarship

Hannah Schoendorf feels very blessed to have been able to attend prestigious summer ballet programs for the past three years. She first attended the Boston Ballet summer intensive at 11 and discovered her passion for ballet; setting serious goals for her future in dance. The Kirov Academy of Ballet and Pacific Northwest Ballet followed, where Hannah was exposed to both the slow graceful movements of Vaganova method & the sharp-quick movements of Balanchine style. While attending The School of American Ballet and Joffrey Ballet School (with merit scholarship), interaction with multiple teachers & styles offered at Joffrey allowed her the opportunity to explore techniques of her familiarity; at SAB she again enjoyed the Balanchine style— agile movements & quick transitions. Hannah discovered she is comfortable with both styles!

Overall, her experiences have allowed her to further her ballet education and grow as both a dancer and an artist. This summer Hannah has again been invited to attend the Harid Conservatory of Ballet, where she will study the Vaganova method— a wonderful location for her to continue her  training!

goals are quite simple: she will always strive be the very best she can be, in both ballet and as a person. She looks forward to one day being a part of a professional ballet company. Her dream company would be the Boston Ballet because of their classical technique & variance in body structures within their company. Hannah also thinks that it would be amazing to be a part of  Boston's pre-professional Boston II Company. Hopefully with perseverance, determination, and her continual strive for perfection, Hannah will be able to achieve any goals she sets for herself.

I am so excited to have been awarded the “Fred Kelly Scholarship” for 2010. This scholarship allowed me to attend the Harid Conservatory of Ballet in Boca Raton, Florida. My summer training experience was amazing and I have gained so much knowledge about how to more clearly execute clean ballet technique.

In the spring of this year I underwent major hip surgery, and recovering from this surgery was very challenging going into such an intensive summer ballet program. At Harid I was really able to analyze class from a completely new point of view, knowing that I couldn’t do everything “full out” and to my full potential. This recovery and Harid allowed me to really pin-point and focus on every position and movement and work on every tiny detailed correction till I was able to get it right. I was encouraged to focus on the details! The experience was like no other program I have ever attended!!! Pure Vaganova technique and constant corrections were amazing. The instructors were wonderful and were very eager to work with me, even though I was in recovery period! This is exactly what I needed to lead me into a truly successful recovery from my hip surgery. It was a wonderful addition to my ballet education, and a summer worth every second of the time and effort put into it.

I was very pleased, and surprised, to be invited to attend Harid Conservatory year-round training program on full scholarship! I will begin my year-round training there in January. Harid is allowing me to complete my recovery process here at home in Texas under the direction of Mr. Hugh Nini and join them at the mid-year point. I feel very blessed! None of this would have come to be, both my experiences and future experiences, without the aid of the Dance Council and the Fred Kelly Scholarship! The knowledge that I have gained, from the admission to my summer at The Harid Conservatory, has been a major piece in my journey to become a professional ballet dancer, and an artist. Thank you again for awarding me this scholarship! I feel very honored to have been chosen!