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KAYA AMAN 18  Elaine Harper Memorial Scholarship

Kaya Aman has been extremely blessed to have had professional training from many phenomenal teachers. She started her ballet training with Misha Bart, at the age of eight, at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, in Clear Lake, Texas, under the school’s Vaganova Program. During her three years in this program, she decided that she wanted to become a professional dancer. At the age of eleven, her family moved to Frisco, Texas, and after much research for a Vaganova based school, she registered at the Metropolitan Ballet Academy, previously known as the Ballet Arlington Academy. There she trained under Yelena Borisova, Alexander Vetrov, and Maria Kudyakova. At the academy, she was introduced to the Balanchine method under the instruction of Paul Mejia, and grew to appreciate the many different methods of ballet. She stayed and trained at Metropolitan Ballet Academy for four years on full scholarship. 

At the age of fifteen, Kaya was invited to attend the Harid Conservatory, in Boca Raton, Florida, on full scholarship. There she studied and trained vigorously, knowing that it would help her reach her dream of becoming a professional dancer. She trained there for two years under the direction of Victoria Schneider, Olivier Pardina, Svetlana Osiyeva, Tara Mitton Catao, Elana Lanczi, Josee Garant, and Bertha Valentin.

Kaya is currently training at the Ballet West Academy under the trainee program with a full scholarship. Her teachers are Jan Clark Fugit and Jeff Rogers. She has been able to rehearse and perform with Ballet West and loves being in and out of a company atmosphere.