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Cassia Wilson [17]  Natalie Skelton Tutu Marvelous Memorial Scholarship

Cassia attended the School of American Ballet this past summer leading her towards her dream of one day dancing with New York City Ballet. She feels the company “resonates with her and how she dances.” Fittingly, Cassia’s favorite ballet is Mr. B’s Serenade due to its flowing elegance and unique dimensions. Cassia proclaims she dances in order to glorify God.

When I dance, I know I am doing what I was created to do.
I put my whole self into the moment, and express the art of the dance.

Though I would love to be remembered someday as a great performer,
my ultimate goal is to live a life that is pleasing to God, and be
remembered as a woman of passion, integrity and love for others.
I hope that through the art of ballet, I will be able to bring inspiration

and touch the hearts of many people.