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Home2009 Madyson Bauer

Madyson Bauer [13]  Margaret Rylatt Scholarship

Madyson hopes to grow as a dancer and performer through exposure to the
finest and most qualified professionals in the industry in an environment with
other young dancers who share her passion and drive to excel.

Madyson attended Rhythm World Chicago this past summer. Madyson’s favorite thing about tapping is her ability to interpret and make music and emotion with her feet. She enjoys tapping to a variety of music, everything from slow and lyrical music to hard hitting drum beats. Madyson hopes to make this dance form her profession and is “thankful and grateful to be given the award and scholarship.”

Chicago Human Rhythm Project - Diary August 2009
The whole week was an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to work with an incredible group of master teachers including: Dianne Walker; Chloe Arnold; Jason Samuels Smith; Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards; Tre Dumas; and Jason Janas. It was also a once in a lifetime chance for me to meet a lot of other tappers from Youth Ensembles from across the country – and even Japan.
Sunday, August 2 - We arrived in Chicago around 5:00pm. We unpacked then headed for the performance in Millenium Park at 6:30. The show was filled with great performances, but the performer who had the most impact on me was Jason Jason. He is truly amazing!!
Monday, August 3 - I arrived at Ganz Hall in Roosevelt University ready to work. Jason Janas taught our technique class. I was ecstatic! Next we had Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards for improvisation. She was another inspiring and amazing teacher. We broke for lunch then had a seminar on first aid. We finished the day with an intense choreography session with Jason Janas. That evening we attending the Tap Jam – it is SO much fun to watch other tappers battle it out to see who will be the last one standing at the end of the contest!!
Tuesday, August 4 - I walked to Ganz Hall and was so pumped for another day of tap. Kristi Burris, the director of BAM, taught our technique class. It was fun. Next we had Chloe Arnold for improvisation. I love Chloe’s improve classes – they help me to feel a lot more confident about doing improve!! I didn’t want the class to end. After lunch we had a seminar on music. Last we had Jason Janas for choreography. I have had the opportunity to work with Jason in the past of choreography, but this year I really feel like I understand all of his steps and movements – they are so passionate and really come from inside his soul!! I want to find that place inside of myself …. and I know I am getting there. Another exhausting and totally exhilarating day of tap! After dinner, we went back to Ganz Hall for the Tap Slam and Cutting Contest at 7:30pm. I can’t think of a better way to end the day!!
Wednesday, August 5 - I rode the bus to Ganz Hall and couldn’t wait to get started. Tre Dumas taught our technique class. We had a great class with him. Next Chloe Arnold taught our improv class. We learned how to keep time. Then we had lunch and a photography seminar. Last we had choreography with Jason Janas. I caught the bus and arrived home to get ready for the showcase at 7:30pm. I performed my solo “Fast Car”. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to perform a solo that I love so much in front of an audience of tap legends!! I thought I did great.
Thursday, August 6 - Another morning with Chloe Arnold – what a great way to start the day with tap technique and improv. Chloe is great! Today we had a health and fitness seminar after lunch. Last we had Jason Janas for choreography. He complimented me on my solo – wow!! Jason’s choreography is so fast and difficult, but I really like it. I feel challenged and that is a great feeling. I really feel like I am growing as a tapper and I am so proud of myself. After class we went home to get ready for the JUBA Faculty Concert at 7:30.
Friday, August 7 - I rode the bus to Ganz Hall and couldn’t wait for another day of doing what I love. Jessica Chapuis, a member of BAM, taught our technique class. She had a really fun teaching style. Next we had Chloe Arnold for improv. We did improvisational solos. I was first. I was nervous, but I really feel like I am better prepared and more confident with doing improve after this week of working with Chloe. After lunch we had a great question and answer session with all of the other tap ensembles. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to share information with each other. I have really met some wonderful people this week! Then came our last choreography session with Jason Janas. We finished the choreography – a full length piece of intense choreography - that’s impressive!! The final session of the week was a “show off” where all of the different groups got to show their work to each other and the ensemble directors had the chance to talk with the choreographers about costuming and staging the numbers. My mind is tired and my body exhausted – but the adrenaline is still pumping and I can’t wait to get home and teach the other members of the Drawbacks Youth Tap Ensemble what I learned this week!!
Saturday, August 8 - We caught our flight at 10:25am and we were home at about 1:00. My week at YTECH was an AMAZING experience. I learned how to grow not only as a dancer but a person too. I loved working with all the master teachers and getting to meet all the other ensembles. I adored working with Jason Janas and I love the choreography he taught us. I made friendships with people who share my same passion and I hope those friendships last a lifetime. Thank you to the Dance Council for making this opportunity possible for me!