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Lindsey Steed [15]  Fred Kelly Scholarship

Lindsey, a student at Ballet Academy of Texas, attended the Joffrey Midwest Summer Intensive this past summer where she thrived on the all day dancing schedule. Lindsay, a selfless performer, always gives her stage presence to the audience. She states, “I love to make people happy when they see me dance.” Her favorite piece to perform is Jenny Johnston’s La Nuit Rose due to the wonderful interaction of music and choreography.

Thank you for giving me the Fred Kelly memorial scholarship. I really appreciate you gracious financial gift! I used the scholarship to attend the Joffrey Midwest Summer Program directed by John Magnus.

This past summer I learned many things under John Magnus and the great faculty and staff at the Joffrey Midwest Program. I learned that cross training can be one of the most beneficial factors to reaching my goal of becoming a professional dancer. Doing something as simple as crunches and push-ups everyday can strengthen your body to help create a more well-rounded dancer. Also I learned that you should always be optimistic because you should never let an off day bring you down. Even if having an off day, by staying optimistic your day can turn around and end out better than before.  I was taught how to be more expressive in my dancing and to be creative with my own artistry. By being more expressive, I actually enjoyed dancing more by putting all my feelings into it, and it makes it more enjoyable for the audience too. I feel like I have become a stronger dancer thanks to the wonderful faculty encouraging me to always do my best and achieve my goals. Taking class with Mr. Magnus taught me how to increase my strength in pointe work which has changed my way of thinking about pointe.

Thank you once again for your generosity and support of helping me achieve my goals and dreams.