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Skylar Harris  Dr Dan & Rosie Scholarship

Skylar Harrison, with her deeply expressive eyes, thrives when dancing character roles
such as ‘Giselle’ because, “You must first be a person, then a dancer.” She is realizing her
dream, as she begins her professional career with the Louisville Ballet.

Skylar’s perfect day would include coffee and good conversation at Grounded in
Greenwich Village, a wish at 11:11 o’clock, and a meeting with an inspiring stranger.

The Dr. Dan Picard and Rosie Kimple Scholarship enabled me to attend the Louisville Ballet Summer Intensive. As I am now a trainee with the company, the summer program was a great opportunity for me to get to  know the environment of Louisville Ballet before I started the season. I took class with the ballet master, mistress, and director of the company frequently, which allowed to get to know their teaching styles and further improve my ballet technique. I was introduced to new modern techniques and learned new ballet repertoire. Along with the fabulous teaching there were interesting "enrichment" classes, where I learned in depth what it takes to run a ballet company and the history of classical costumes. At the end of the program we had a small performance where I performed a modern piece, "Friends from Giselle," and the lead in a character piece from Raymonda. This was a great experience and could not have been a better way to prepare me for my first year as a professional dancer. I am greatly appreciative.

Thank you,
Skylar Harrison