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Leanna Rinaldi  Elaine Harper Memorial Scholarship

Leanna’s adorations, from fast footwork to Jennifer Ringer, all point in one direction—
New York City Ballet— her dream ballet company. Immensely thankful to the Dance Council,
Leanna attended the School of America Ballet this summer.

If Leanna were not an aspiring ballet dancer, she would be interested in fashion design.
But for now, her hard work and love of performing carries her toward a career in dance.

I had the privilege to attend the School of American Ballet (SAB) this past summer because of the generous financial help from the Dance Council’s Elaine Harper Memorial Scholarship.

It was a wonderful experience to study with some of the most incredible ballet teachers in the world. In attending SAB, you are taught the Balanchine style and it’s such a beautiful technique! Each teacher brought in something new and I considered it a privilege to be corrected many times during the classes as the teachers seemed to take interest in me. I also had the opportunity of taking Pilates, ballroom dancing, and partnering.

In addition to living dorm life and experiencing the exciting Big Apple, I consider this past summer to be one of the most memorable and most amazing experiences ever! I felt I not only grew as a dancer but, also as a person. 

I look forward to continuing to pursue a dance career and hope that I will be able to attend SAB again in 2009. My sincere appreciation and thanks to the Dance Council, because without the scholarship, I would not have been able to experience a such great summer at the School of American Ballet.