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Harini Suresh  Arathi School of Dance Scholarship

Harini Suresh enjoys performing her favorite Indian Classical Dance—the Tillana.

The call's for fast footwork and stamina, yet it is Harini’s eyes, (not herfeet) that demand
attention. Her deep brown eyes evoke all the nuances and lessons of a writer’s pen against
paper, as she tells her favorite story of the God Fav Rama through her movement.
Harini accomplishes her task as a performer, instilling her emotions into the audience.


I had a great experience while attending Mrs. Nirupama and Mr. Rajendran's 10 day workshop using my scholarship money from the Dance Council! Just being able to learn dance from these Kathak legends was an honor for me. The two pieces, Alaipayude Kanna (bharatanatyam) and Veda Mantra (kathak) were beautifully choreographed and I thoroughly enjoyed learning them.
But more than learning new steps and dances, it was the technique, tips, and new skills that really helped me become a better dancer. For example the workshop had 22 girls in it, so Nirupama aunty gave many tips on teamwork. I also learned new techniques. We incorporated many other natyashastra steps that aren't in the Kalakshetra style that I usually do. It was nice to add those steps to my dance vocabulary.
My technique also improved since I had to deal with complex rhythm patterns. I was extremely inspired by Nirupama Aunty's expressions. Her face emoted so many feelings that made us connect with her. She'd always say that the audience always feels what you are expressing on your face. If it is boredom that is shown on your face, then the audience, too, is going to feel the same way.

All in all this workshop was a great experience for me. I benefited a lot and enjoyed it so much! All these techniques and tips really helped me when I did my debut dance recital on August 17th 2008. I would really like to thank the Dance Council for providing me with such a wonderful oppurtunity!
Harini Suresh