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Home2015 Scholarship Recipients

"Thank you for opening the site, what an amazing opportunity it gives to the dancers." ~ A Mom

Tom Adams Scholarship ~
Jared Brown
Calloway & Jerry Cochran Scholarship
~ Melissa Anderson
Calloway & Jerry Cochran Scholarship ~ Colin Fuller
Calloway & Jerry Cochran Scholarship ~ Madi Hicks
Charles Santos Scholarship ~ Michael Garcia
Fred “Poppy” Ziaks Scholarship ~ Jordan Willis

Charles Andrew Kulp Scholarship ~ Amaria Stern
Dr Dan & Rosie Scholarship ~ Jimena Flores Sanchez
South Dallas Dance Festival Scholarship ~ Layla Brent
Natalie Skelton Scholarship ~ Cecelia Spear
Glenda Brown Choreography Project Scholarship ~ Courtney Hart
Darryl Sneed Scholarship ~ Rachel Lee

Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre

Buster Cooper Jazz Scholarship ~ Victoria Biro

Amber Strauser Scholarship ~ MyKayla Hicks
Amber Strauser Scholarship ~ Aldrin Vendt
Amber Strauser Scholarship ~ Londyn Alexander
Denise Gallagher Scholarship ~ Maya Gonzalez
Buster Cooper Tap Scholarship ~ Tabatha Wooten
Gene, Louise & Fred Kelly Scholarship ~ Geornay Sanders
Gene Pflug Scholarship ~ Hannah Lee
Margaret Rylatt Scholarship ~ Riley Hammett
Nita Braun Memorial Scholarship ~
Brooke Marvel
East Indian

Indian Cultural Heritage Foundation Scholarship ~ Aditya Iswara
Arathi School Scholarship ~ Rutuja Joshi

Glenda Brown Choreography Project Scholarship ~ Rachel Wade
Gloria Ziaks / Caryn Halpern Ballet Scholarship ~ Anastasia Tillman
Nathalie Krassovska Scholarship
~ Ethan Fuller

George Skibine Scholarship ~ Aki Yoshimoto

George Skibine Scholarship ~ Samuel Chadick
Beth Wortley Scholarship ~ Katarina Jakimier
Gloria Whetstone Scholarship
~ Helena Cerny

Denton Contemporary Ballet Scholarship ~ Masumi Yoshimoto
Elaine Harper Scholarship ~ Cherilene Guzman
Nadyne Legere Memorial Scholarship ~ Reagan Lawthers
Kittie LaPointe Memorial Scholarship ~ Jessica Kinnaman
Amanda Stone Scholarship ~ Maddison Goodman

Cindy’s Day Ballet Scholarship ~ William Sheriff

Artful Dancewear Scholarship ~ Katherine Deuitch
Artful Dancewear Scholarship ~ Natasha Sheehan

Suffolk Award ~ Julianna Yu
Joyce Seaborne Bader Scholarship ~ Samantha Christopher

Burklyn Ballet Theatre Scholarship ~ Mollie Flood
"... I would also like to personally thank the Dance Council for awarding Haley this scholarship. If it weren't for this particular scholarship, Haley would never have experienced Burklyn. It has been by far, her favorite summer intensive. She gained so much experience and knowledge and really grew as an artist. Thanks for all you do for our dancers!"  ~ Aimee Hartsfield
DCNT would like to know where any
past recipients are and what they are doing.
Please contact us by clicking here if you have any information as to their whereabouts.

2014 Scholarship Recipients

"I am thrilled that the committee is vigilant and follows up on the recipients to make sure the guidelines are followed.
It upholds the integrity of the organization and lends credibility to the great work that you do!"
~ Julianne Bauer

...We are so honored you have chosen Mackenzie as the recipient of this scholarship. And we are so thankful that there are organizations out there like the Dance Council of North Texas to recognize and support these dancers for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. ...We cannot express how much we appreciate The Dance Council assisting us to allow our daughters to be able to attend these summer programs. ...We truly appreciate all the hard work and dedication that you have put into supporting the young dancers in our area. We have such great talent surrounding us and they are so lucky to have organizations like you that will help them strive for their dance goals in life!
Thank you so much again!
~ Kim Voorhies