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Josmyne Megafu 14 ~ Dallas Summer Musicals Musical Theatre Scholarship


My name is Josmyne Megafu. I am a junior at Lancaster High School. I have studied dance in the Lancaster District since the sixth grade. Before I was a dancer, I was a dedicated cheerleader and gymnast. Gaining flexibility and strength in cheerleading was an advantage in the transition to dance. My passion for dance has grown in the last couple of years and I would like to better myself with this scholarship. I believe everything you do, you should do it whole-heartedly. This is how I feel about dance; I would love the opportunity to advance my skills and gain new experiences outside of my comfort zone.


First, I would like to thank the DNT Scholarship Committee for giving me this opportunity. The experience with Dallas Summer Musicals was great.  I was really nervous in the beginning because I didn’t know what to expect, but everyone made the experience a joyful one. 

On the first day we had auditions, which included a monologue and a song. This was very unusual for me, as I am used to just dancing. It didn’t take long for me to open up, due to the supportive environment and once I did, I learned so much.  I realized I had talent beyond dancing! We had vocal classes, music classes, acting classes and dancing classes. Although, I wasn’t as strong in some classes as I was in others, I wasn’t at all embarrassed because everyone was encouraging, which was really surprising to me. 

By the end of the 3 week class, there was a bond between all of the performers. It was surprising that everyone got along so well, because putting together a performance can be very stressful, but the DSM staff made it very fun. I was really impressed with Mr. Joe; he gave us so much support. He worked us really hard, but he was really entertaining and lots of fun. He even helped Ms. Kerry with choreography.   I was surprised everyone had a part and performed in every dance number; the team made sure no one was left out. 

I was given a shot at my first acting performance and it was FANTASTIC!  My adrenaline was so high during both shows, but I was ready to have fun and I did.  I received one of the narrator’s part and I didn’t know how well I was going to do in front of the crowd; I was really nervous, but I was told I did really good and that helped me continue on.  I also played a part in the following scenes: Godspell, I played the “The Good Samaritan”, in Footloose, I played “Mary Sue” and in Hair Spray, I was one of the “Dynamites” and a featured dancer in most of the dance numbers. I expected to be a part of a good musical, but I believe I was a part of a great musical! 

I was also very impressed with the amount of “connections” this program has.  We met “stars” from Broadway, who came and gave great advice about how to have a good performing career.   They didn’t hold anything back; they gave us the ups and the downs of this career choice. I’m not sure if I will make performing a career choice, but I plan on joining some of the plays at my school this year, not to just dance, either.  I think I found my “voice” and it’s not only dancing.  I may even try out for the High School Chorus. 

The atmosphere at DSM was the best, even though the parking was crazy in the mornings at Park Cities and my mom would have me late, it was always inviting to come in and everyone; from the teachers to the performers would be so happy to see you. 

I am truly thankful again for this experience. I had a great time at DSM and would love to come back again. I want to thank the entire staff at DSM; they are a so supportive. There were times when I needed an encouraging word and they made sure I got it. DSM you are the BEST! 

I would recommend this scholarship to anyone wanting to learn more about performing arts and/or someone just looking to try something new because this program isn’t about who’s  the best, it’s about everyone growing and becoming better.