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Madison Winter 14 ~ Amber Strauser Scholarship


Madison Winter began dancing at the age of 2 years and has not stopped since. She is currently a company member of the Ballet Ensemble of Texas under the direction of Lisa Slagle. Madi loves all genres of dance. At this time she is focused on ballet, modern and contemporary but also loves tap and hip hop.

The last two years, Madi has attended summer dance intensives at Magnus Midwest and at the Joffrey Texas Workshop.  She is looking forward to attending the Magnus Midwest summer intensive in Flint, Michigan again this summer. Summer dance intensives provide her with a unique opportunity to improve her technique as well as be exposed to different choreographers.

Madi is blessed with a natural ability to perform. However, it is her love and passion for dancing that motivates her to work hard day in and day out to become a better dancer. Dancing brings joy to her life. Her long term goal is to dance with a national dance company and to one day inspire other young girls to dance. 



This summer I had the opportunity to attend the Alonzo King LINES Ballet Workshop in Irvine, California.  Without the Dance Council of North Texas, I would not have been able to have this experience.  My original plan was to attend Peter Stark’s Next Generation Ballet Summer Intensive, but due to a fractured pelvis I was unable to go. However, after four weeks off I was allowed to return to dance and was given the opportunity to go to LINES for a week of training in ballet and modern technique, repertory and improvisation under the direction of LINES faculty members Carmen Rozestraten and Lee-Wei Chao.  

My experience was very different from anything  I have ever done, but I loved every minute of it!  LINES emphasizes “ethereal” movement.  My teachers expressed the importance of letting go, trusting the body without precondition and breath.

One of my favorite parts of the intensive was  being able to watch a private rehearsal with both LINES and Hubbard Street Dance, followed by a discussion with Artistic Directors Alonzo King of LINES Ballet and Glenn Edgerton of Hubbard Street.  Seeing the way the dancers used each muscle left me speechless.  Their movement inspired me to work harder to incorporate what I learned in class into my dance, to improve and to become better not only in my technique but also in my artistic expression.

This intensive was an extraordinary experience that will benefit me throughout the course of my dancing.  I see it as my stepping stone into a personal exploration of contemporary dance movement.  I appreciate the opportunity the Amber Strauser Scholarship has given me.