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Dalit Agronin 17 ~ Dallas Summer Musicals Academy of Performing Arts Scholarship

Dalit Agronin began her journey as a dancer
thirteen years ago. She is a junior at Yavneh Academy in Dallas and a company dancer at Magnolia Dance Project. Everyday she finds herself thinking what her life would have been like without dance and the eighteen hours a week she dances. Her favorites are jazz and contemporary because moving with the music one can express oneself in her own way.

Dalit can honestly say she is not the best dancer out there, not even at her own studio. But, she is a dedicated and hard worker, and feels dance will let her go far in life.



I really enjoyed the three weeks that I spent this summer at Dallas Summer Musicals Teen Intensive. Going into it I had no idea what to expect, but I loved every second of it. I have never been a singer, and I still cannot sing. So I was so nervous that for the audition not only did we have to dance, but sing as well. I figured that I would just give it a go because nothing bad really could happen. I loved my singing audition. I got to sing to Dennis and Kevin Happy Birthday! They could tell singing was not my strong suit, but dance was. So from then on my time was focused on dance, dance, and dance. Kerry, the dance choreographer, was such a pleasure to work with. She was so nice but strict at the same time. She wanted so much out of us in such a short period of time. But I loved dancing with her. We had to learn about eight hard core dance numbers which included tap, hip hop, jazz, and ballet. The intensive was from 12 to 6 Monday thru Friday, but many days I had to come early or stay later to work on either my acting or dancing. I enjoyed all of my time there though. It was great because all of the girls and boys had the same intention and motivation as I did at DSM. We wanted to put on a fantastic show and were all dedicated to our art. I became friends with almost everyone at DSM. The girls were so sweet to me and just overall amazing. They were either great singers or dancers. Their singing blew me away! One girl, Rachel, became like my mini me for the three weeks. She was a little younger then I, but we got a long so well. She made me feel like I was a kid again. When Rachel went on stage to perform I was so proud of her acting and singing. This is how I felt for each and every one of the kids at the intensive. I was so proud or amazed at their accomplishments and talents. By the end of the three weeks we became a family and we did not want to leave one another.

One quick thing about the instructors at the intensive. Ty is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She worked countless hours, along with Kevin to make this show possible and was so proud to see it come to fruition. When the show was over, I looked to Ty and saw her crying, tears of joy. Dennis helped all the singers perfect their tune and challenged them every second. Kevin was supportive of each and every person, trying to make our talents shine and give every one an important role. Kerry challenged me, and helped me learn different styles and become a better dancer. Beth helped improve my acting skills and taught me the how tos of an audition. Mellissa taught me how to sing, along with Dennis. I know warm ups and everything necessary if I wanted to be a singer. Kevin, Ty, Dennis, Kerry, Beth and Mellissa only had to be our teachers, but they went beyond that. They became our support system for these three weeks.

~ Dalit