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Dance Council of North Texas

Celebrates the I00th Anniversary of the I9th Amendment

When Did Women in Texas Get the Right to Vote?
1903 The Texas State Chapter of the National Women' s Suffrage Association was established
1912 Activists formed Suffrage Clubs across Texas to organize
1914 - 1916 Dallas was Host City for Texas Woman's Suffrage Association Annual Convention (TWSA) at Fair Park
1918 TWSA delivered 10,000 signatures of support for the Primary Suffrage Bill (February)
1918 Governor Hobby signed bill giving Woman the RIGHT TO VOTE in Texas Primary elections and at State Conventions (March 26)
1919 Governor signs a state resolution to amend the TX State Constitution for FULL voting rights, but it failed (February 5)
1919 The Federal amendment to add a 19th Amendment to the Constitution passed both houses of Congress in Washington, DC and
was sent to all states for ratification by at least 36 (June).
1919 Texas becomes first southern state to ratify the 19th Amendment (June 28).
1920 19th Amendment for Women's Right to Vote ratified by majority of states, becomes U.S. law (August)

The Powerful Women of Dance Lecture Series

ON HOLD | March 30 – Julia Alcantara, founder and artistic director, Ida y Vuelta Flamenco Company
ON HOLD | April 5 – Katie Puder, founder and artistic director, Avant Chamber Ballet | Avant Chamber Ballet Studio

ON HOLD | May 8 – Catherine Turocy, founder and artistic director, The New York Baroque Company
ON HOLD | June 7 - Lisa Mesa-Rogers, executive director , Anita Martinez Ballet Folklorico

ON HOLD | July 12 – Bridget Moore, founder and artistic director, Bridget Moore Dance
ON HOLD | August 22 – Revathi Satyu, founder and artistic director, Arathi School of Dance | Fretz Park Public Library

Sister Events:
March 12The Awakening — The Centennial of the 19th Amendment: Suffragette Cartoon Gallery | Turner House, 401 N Rosemont Ave, Dallas, Tx

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Why go?

"Dallas and the Metroplex need to be doing everything we possibly can to develop the arts in this area. The arts can set the world on fire and why shouldn’t we start here?
Dallas DanceFest is taking great steps to promote, cultivate and liberate the arts and Texas Ballet Theater is thrilled to be a part of it."  

~ Ben Stevenson, Artistic Director, Texas Ballet Theater

"I look forward to participating in DanceFest each year. It's a special chance to see the diversity, quality, and inventiveness of performing artists in our region!"
~ Kimi Nikaidoh, Artistic Director, Bruce Wood Dance

"Presenting my work at Dallas DanceFest jumpstarted my mindset from that of a student to a professional dancer and choreographer. It introduced me to a network of artists, directors,
and creatives who are making interesting and thoughtful work. I aspired to be part of DDF prior to being selected because of caliber of the artists presenting.
Not only does DDF celebrate dance-makers who have decades of experience and are masters of their crafts, it also sheds light on emerging artists who are in different stages of their artistic journey.
I am humbled to have presented my work at DDF in 2015 and 2016. I am currently freelancing in Los Angeles, working with Ate9, No)One. Art House, and Ezralow Dance, among others."

~ Shauna Davis, SMU graduate, former apprentice with José Limón

"DanceFest provides a significant opportunity for young choreographers to showcase their work. This venue has allowed some of our most gifted students to begin building their choreographic resumes
and it has proven to be a springboard to other opportunities on a national scale. DanceFest provides our students with the opportunity to perform in a major venue in the Dallas Arts District
with other professional and student dancers from the Texas region. This exposure plays a significant role in their development as dance artists."

~ Patty Harrington-Delany, Chair of the Division of Dance, Meadows School of the Arts

"DanceFest is a celebration of our local dance family; it's a chance for us to get together and celebrate an art form we are passionate about." 
~ Joshua Peugh, Artistic Director, Dark Circles Contemporary Dance

"The Dallas Morning News Dance Festival was a large part of my childhood dancing in Dallas. The studio where I took class would participate and I looked forward to it every year.
So, when it finally returned as the Dallas DanceFest, I was overjoyed! Having a festival like this in our city is so important to educating new audiences about dance and exposing the talent
that we have in our city. And supporting that talent. By providing a venue, marketing, a technical crew, and the chance to explore your work with new eyes, the DanceFest allows for many unique voices
to come together in one space. To have my choreography seen in this program is a great opportunity. My work and my approach to dance is quite different from other choreographers in our city,
so I'm honored to have a chance to show what we do in the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group to a new audience."

~ Danielle Georgiou

Dallas DanceFest 2017
September 2 - 3 . 2017 . Dallas City Performance Hall
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Dallas DanceFest 2016

September 3 - 4 . 2016 . Dallas City Performance Hall

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